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22 Essential Downtown Cleveland Restaurants Everyone Should Have Tried By Now

February 15, 2019
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Cleveland Cooks: Il Venetian Mocktails will turn that frown upside down

January 22, 2019
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Il Venetian: Where ambiance matches exquisite menu in downtown Cleveland

August 2, 2018
As make your way through the lobby at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center and into Il Venetian, it becomes clear this is not a typical hotel restaurant. Read more >





(Owner) Malisse and Chef Alberto talk about the love that goes into the food at Il Venetian

July 24, 2018
Check out this video that shows Malisse Sinito (Owner) and Chef Alberto Leandri talk about the love that goes into each dish at Il Venetian. Many of the ingredients are right from Italy. Others are sourced locally to help local farmers. Read more >





The ultimate Cleveland doughnut bucket list: 2018 A-List Dining Guide

Il Venetian Waffle
June 26, 2018
Venice, Italy native Alberto Leandri, formerly of LockKeepers, heads Key Tower’s Il Venetian Italian eatery and this doughnuts and gelato venture serves as its sweet side. Read more >





Downtown debuts: 3 new spots to try for a quick bite or decadent dessert

Il Venetian Waffle
June 13, 2018
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A Trip To Venice Just Got A Lot Cheaper

Il Venetian
May 4, 2018
Il Venetian serves up flavors inspired by Italy. Read more >





23 photos from Cleveland’s new Il Venetian that’ll make you feel like you’re in Italy

Cleveland 19 News
March 9, 2018
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